What is gis map?

We at DPS have been involved in Map making and data warehousing with Geographical Information System (GIS) from day one. 

Our first project is to acquire Satellite Maps in 1998 (that time satellite maps are reversed for military and oil and gas exploration only in Burma). Then we set up Ground Control Points using Trimble Pro XR survey GPS. We have completed Yangon Streets in UTM in 1998. At that time our major customer includes US Government, MEGA Life Sciences. Now our GIS Data includes the whole Myanmar Road Network, Villages Points, Address Points (AP) and Points of Interest (POI). APs are mainly used by Ride Hailing Applications and Navigation such as Grab Taxi and Tom Tom. DPS has some 300,000 APs for Yangon and Mandalay and other major cities. POIs are used by City Guide Maps, Ride Hailing and Distribution companies (Retail Outlets). DPS has 60,000 POI with rich attributes for Distribution and Retail companies as well as Bank/Insurance application. DPS Future rely on its expertise to collect rich attribute data for future use of Retail, Navigation and Autonomous Vehicles.