What is GIS?

A geographic information system (GIS) is a framework for gathering, managing, and analyzing location data. Rooted in the science of geography, GIS integrates many types of data. It analyzes spatial location and organizes layers of information into visualizations using maps and 3D scenes.


We at DPS have been involved in Map making and data warehousing with Geographical Information System (GIS) from day one. Our first project is to acquire Satellite Maps in 1998 (that time satellite maps are reversed for military and oil and gas exploration only in Burma). Then we set up Ground Control Points using Trimble Pro XR survey GPS. We have completed Yangon Streets in UTM in 1998. At that time our major customer includes US Government, MEGA Life Sciences. Now our GIS Data includes the whole Myanmar Road Network, Villages Points, Address Points (AP) and Points of Interest (POI). APs are mainly used by Ride Hailing Applications and Navigation such as Grab Taxi and Tom Tom. DPS has some 300,000 APs for Yangon and Mandalay and other major cities. POIs are used by City Guide Maps, Ride Hailing and Distribution companies (Retail Outlets). DPS has 60,000 POI with rich attributes for Distribution and Retail companies as well as Bank/Insurance application. DPS Future rely on its expertise to collect rich attribute data for future use of Retail, Navigation and Autonomous Vehicles.

Do you want to build your own database for your company? (Our services)
  • Data Collection & Survey Service.
  • GIS Map and Database consulting Service.
  • Utility Mapping Services.
  • Telecom Mapping and GIS Service.
  • Banks
  • Distribution Services
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Internet Service Providers
  • Video Record Data Survey for Lane, Street, Road within the restricted area (POI, AOI)
  • House Number Data Collect Survey Services within the restricted area (POI, AOI)
  • Ground Survey Services within the restricted area (POI, AOI)
Yangon GIS Map Soft Copy ( Existing Data )
  • 2021 updated data extends to Yangon Region Boundaries.
  • Address Database with House numbers guaranteed to exceed any available online data.
  • Village Tracts
  • Villages
  • Township Boundary
  • Towns
  • Railways
  • Industrial Zones
  • Points of Interest – POI Layer
  • Bus Stops ( 2000+ ), Government Offices ( 370+ ), Schools ( 340+ ),
  • Factory, Bank, Condominium,
  • Hotel, Restaurant, Monastery & Religious Building, Pagoda,
  • Railway Station,
  • Super Market, Office Building, Hospital & Clinic,
  • Church, Gas Station, Stadium, Park, Embassy included.
Our Current Activity
Since 2018, we have been collecting the POIs for Yangon and Naypyidaw, APs for Yangon, Mandalay, and Naypyidaw which is mainly for Grab Taxi.

Yangon POIs Coverage Map


Yangon APs Coverage Map

Step by Step Demonstration of How to List House Number Data
Shop Data and Retail Outlet
Shop Data and Retail Outlet Video
Counting High Condo
360 Photos
Services for Fiber Optic Cable
Many Fiber services company are using GIS MAP for following cases:
  • 1.Fiber Services need to design the network of fiber to be laid out before actual ground work. GIS is essential to estimate the length, allocation of work, location of trails to dig and avoid the obstacles.
  • 2.Can store database in GIS Map, for example man-holes and hand-holes, junction boxes, cabinets or what kind of fiber cable used.
  • 3.According to the stored database, you can also know the end date of the fiber line and easily maintain if it is damaged.
#Why should use GIS MAP?
  • 2021 updated data extends to Yangon Region Boundaries.
  • Address Database with House numbers guaranteed to exceed any available online data.
  • Village Tracts
  • Villages
  • Township Boundary
  • Towns
  • Railways
  • Industrial Zones
  • Points of Interest – POI Layer
For home number (database), the GPS camera have to be installed in motorbikes and bicycles to carry out the survey. In front of every home, the GPS points and photos have to be taken along with collecting the details.
Update Aerial Photo taken with Drone Farm Land and Land,how to get a site plan image by using Drone?

Own property, land and land Aerial Photo Terrain Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Contour maps, If you want to create a site plan, you can use high quality aerial photos by Drone to produce high quality site maps and compute site plans. It also calculates currents and floods in the Site Plan Area; Where should the Site Plan Area be built? How should a drain be constructed? How should plants be planted? Data is available about the altitude, topography, etc.

The Benefits of using Drone Aerial Photo when printing map.
  • Up to date Aerial photo of your property.
  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is available.
  • Contour Maps are available to know altitude map.
  • You can find out about the number of plants growing on your property or the nature of the plants and the conditon of the plants.
  • The right decision can be made for the construction of drainage pipes and the drainage of pipelines in their own land.
  • The low altitude and flood situation can be seen clearly, so it can make the right decisions for residential and other important building.
Sample photo take by Drone and print out by aerial photo.
Mergui Archipelago Island Finder
Myanmar GIS
Yangon GIS
Yangon City Digital Map
Yangon City Digital Map

The Yangon City Digital Map is a Geographic Information System (GIS) using Intergraph’s Geomedia Professional software. Base map is digitized from Satellite Imagery – IRS Panchromatic at 5.8 meter resolution. It was calibrated with Trimble’s Pro XR GPS for on ground reference.

  • Street map
  • Street names
  • Landmarks / Places (Moderated by DPS)
  • Township Demographics (33 Townships + Thanlyin)
  • Banks
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Government offices
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Retail Shops (Customized survey)
  • DXF
  • Shape file (Arc Info)
  • MapInfo/ MIF
  • Geomedia
  • Prices varies according to the following categories.
  • Please contact us for your specific requirements and we will prepare a quote for you.
  • Lanmadaw
  • Kyauktada
  • Pabedan
  • Latha
  • Botahtaung
  • Pazundaung
  • Dagon
  • Seikkan
  • Kyeemyindaing
  • Ahlone
  • Bahan
  • Sanchaung
  • Mingalar Taungnyunt
  • Tarmwe
  • Kamayut
  • Yankin
  • Kyeemyindaing
  • Hlaing
  • South Okkalapa
  • North Okkalapa
  • Mayangone
  • Insein
  • Thaketa
  • Dawbon
  • Dagon Seikkan
  • South Dagon
  • North Dagon
  • East Dagon
  • Shwe Paukkan
  • Mingalardon
  • Hlaing Tharyar
  • Shwe Pyithar
  • Dala
Benefits of GIS
  • Cost savings resulting from greater efficiency.
  • Better decision making.
  • Improved communication.
  • Better geographic information recordkeeping.
  • Managing geographically.
Create a customized map with your choice of data layers!
Natural geographical features:
  • Rivers and lakes
Man - made features:
  • Airfields and Lighthouses
  • Cities
  • Railways
  • Roads
Political features:
  • Township Boundaries
  • State and Region Boundaries
  • Latitude and Longitude Grids
Map Price
DPS-GIS-01 7,000 USD
DPS-GIS-02 3500 USD
DPS-GIS-03_MmTsp 5000 USD
DPS-GIS-04_Mandalay 5000 USD
DPS-GIS-05_Bagan 5000 USD
DPS-GIS-10_Naypyidaw 5000 USD
Map Price
Paper Map
Map Price
MyanmarGuidemap 10 USD
TouristMapsmap 7 USD
YangonMapWallSheet 10 USD
YangonStreetDirectory 29 USD
Map Price
Digital Maps : Myanmar
DPS Code SNO DATA DESCRIPTION File Name Entry Type Attribute1 Attribute2 Attribute3 Attribute4 Attribute5
DPSGIS01 1 Yangon City Complete Set(08)
1.1 Yangon Streets Yan_St_UTM_08 23210 Line st.name_E st.name_M Tsp Condition Width
1.2 Yangon Township Boundary Yan_Township_boundary 33 Area
1.3 Yangon Water Body Yan_water Area
1.4 Yangon Place of Interest Yan_places_08 Point/Area
1.5 Grid of Street Directory Book Pages MOYgrid Area
Delivery Method
After we received the payment, we will send the file with mail.
DPSGIS02 Yangon City Major Roads set
2.1 Yangon Major Streets only Line
2.2 Yangon Township Boundary Yan_Township_boundary 33 Area
2.3 Yangon Water Body Yan_water Area/Line
2.4 Yangon selected Places of Interest Point/Area
DPSGIS03 3 Myanmar Townships Set
3.1 Myanmar International Border Line
3.2 Myanmar Town Points 926 Point
3.3 Myanmar Township Areas 325 Area Name MIMUcode StateDiv Othername Mname
3.4 Myanmar Major Rivers Line
3.5 Railway Line
3.6 Myanmar Major Road 175 Line Name
3.7 States and Divisions 14 Area
DPSGIS04 4 Mandalay Dataset
4.1 Mandalay Streets 2008 Line
4.2 Mandalay Township Boundary Area
4.3 Mandalay Water Body Area
4.4 Mandalay Place of Interest Point/Area
DPSGIS05 5 Bagan Dataset
5.1 Bagan Streets
5.2 Bagan Township Boundary
5.3 Bagan Water Body
5.4 Bagan Place of Interest
DPSGIS06 6 Bagan Pagodas
DPSGIS07 7 Taunggyi
DPSGIS08 8 Mawlamyaing
DPSGIS09 9 Kawthaung
DPSGIS10 10 Naypyidaw
NPD Streets 2007
NPD Township Boundary
NPD Water Body
NPD Place of Interest
DPSGIS11 11 Myanmar Airports
Myanmar Drainage
DPSGIS12 12 Countrywide Roads tracks trails
DPSGIS13 13 Myeik
DPSGIS14 14 Mergui Detail (Planned)
Townships area (population)
Villages (Is. tourist attractions)
Rubber Plantation area
Palm Oil Plantation area
Hydro Power
DPSGIS15 15 Bago
DPSGIS16 16 Pathein
DPSGIS17 17 Ayerwaddy Detail - Nargis (Planned)
DPS Code SNO DATA DESCRIPTION File Name Entry Type Attribute1 Attribute2 Attribute3 Attribute4 Attribute5
Technical Information For Ordering Data
Company : Design Printing Services
Address : 165/167, Room 4, 1st Floor, 35th Street, Kyauktada Tsp., Yangon, Myanmar
Point of Contact : Aye Min Oo (Mr.)
Telephone/Fax : 951- 245230
Email :
Data Title : Myanmar Countrywide and Yangon City Digital Mapsets
Scale : Myanmar Countrywide dataset- 1:2,000,000 Yangon City dataset- 1:30,000
Data Layers : Myanmar Countrywide dataset layers: Town Points and Names, Township Areas, Rivers, Highways. Yangon City dataset layers: Townships, Banks, Healthcare Centers, Government Offices, Hotels and Restaurants, Streets, Landmarks, Points of Interest.
Data Format : Shapefile, MapInfo
Data Projection : Lat/Long (Decimal Degrees)
Datum : WGS 84
Ellipsoid : WGS 84
Primary Language : English
Required Documentation : All Available Metadata
Data Dictionary : Yes
Database Design : Yes
Other Documentation : All available technical documentation. Data is to be seamlessly integrated and topologically correct.
Documentation Language : English
License Type : CLIENT Quantity Seats/Users
Delivery Media : FTP
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