To establish DPS Map as the leading comprehensive geospatial resource for Myanmar, serving as a crucial tool, empowering informed decision-making and efficient operations for NGOs, city planners, government agencies, and the general public.


To provide accurate, up-to-date, and user-friendly geospatial information that facilitates informed decision-making, promotes sustainable development, and enhances the quality of life for all stakeholders.

Business Strategy and 5-year Roadmap for DPS Map not limiting to Tourist Map but focusing on a resource for NGOs, City Planners, Government agencies and the general public. ၂၅.မေ.၂၀၂၄

  1. Business Strategy:
    1. Data Collection and Integration:
      • Aggressively gather diverse geospatial data from various sources, including government agencies, NGOs, research institutions, and crowd-sourced information.
      • Integrate and harmonize data into a unified platform, ensuring consistency, accuracy, and interoperability.
      • Develop robust data management systems for efficient storage, processing, and retrieval of information.
    2. Platform Development:
      • Create a user-friendly, interactive web-based platform with intuitive navigation and customizable features.
      • Offer a mobile application for on-the-go access and seamless data integration with GPS functionality.
      • Ensure compatibility with various devices and operating systems to maximize accessibility.
    3. Value-Added Services:
      • Provide advanced analytical tools and visualization capabilities for data interpretation and decision support. Mainly for Myanmar Districts and Permission-gained Myanmar Guide Map.
      • Develop specialized thematic maps (e.g., Myanmar Guide Map, Yangon Streets Map, Myanmar Districts Map) catering to the specific needs of different user groups, such as disaster risk assessment, city planners, electricity, utility companies, infrastructure planning, and environmental monitoring.
      • Offer customized consulting services for complex geospatial projects such as Bank’s KYC and Insurance Map, RideHailing, Delivery businesses, and tailored solutions.
    4. Partnership and Collaboration:
      • Establish strategic partnerships with government agencies, NGOs, academic institutions, and private sector organizations.
      • Foster collaborative initiatives for data sharing, knowledge exchange, and joint research projects.
      • Engage with local communities to gather feedback, address concerns, and ensure the platform's relevance and effectiveness.
    5. Revenue Generation:
      • Implement a tiered subscription model offering basic access for free and premium features for paying users.
      • Explore potential revenue streams through data licensing, advertising, and sponsored content.
      • Seek grants and funding from development agencies and philanthropic organizations to support specific projects and initiatives.
  1. 5-Year Roadmap:
    • Year 1: Data collection and integration, platform development, beta testing, and initial launch.
    • Year 2: Expansion of data coverage, platform refinement, user acquisition, and marketing efforts.
    • Year 3: Introduction of value-added services, partnership development, and revenue generation initiatives.
    • Year 4: Scale-up operations, establish a sustainable business model, and expand market reach.
    • Year 5: Continuous improvement, innovation, and exploration of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to enhance the platform's capabilities.
  1. Target Audience:
    • NGOs working in various sectors, including humanitarian aid, development, and environmental conservation.
    • City planners and urban development professionals involved in infrastructure planning, zoning, and land use management.
    • Government agencies responsible for disaster management, resource allocation, and policymaking.
    • Researchers and academics conducting spatial analysis, environmental studies, and social impact assessments.
    • The general public seeking information on local amenities, transportation routes, and points of interest.
  1. Marketing and Outreach:
    • Develop a comprehensive marketing and communication strategy to raise awareness and promote the platform.
    • Utilize various channels, including social media, online advertising, press releases, and presentations at conferences and events.
    • Organize workshops and training sessions to educate users on the platform's features and functionalities.

By adhering to this business strategy and roadmap, DPS Map is poised to become an indispensable resource for Myanmar, empowering individuals and organizations with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed decisions and contribute to the nation's sustainable development.

About Us Who are we?

DPS Design Printing Services Company Limited incorporated in 1995 published its landmark Map of Yangon a.k.a “Street Directory of Yangon” in 1996. At that time, the government was the only organization which has the authority to print maps. DPS started digitizing the map of Yangon (Rangoon) with Garmin and Magellan GPS.
DPS build Yangon Geographical Information System (GIS) data warehouse complete with streets, schools, clinics, government offices, water and river, and last but not least a Business Points of Interest (POIs). Our strong point is thus in creating and updating GIS database digitization and data entry, GPS survey and map publishing. We have also developed Vehicle Tracking System using GPS and Compatible maps to manage transport fleets.

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DPS aims to be the Best Guide in Town with its mapping and guide business started back in 1996. Armed with knowledge in Geographical Information System from Global Oil and Gas company Royal Dutch Shell and with deep local knowledge, a group of young men set out to get ground data for Yangon Map, Mandalay Map and Naypyitaw Map.

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We at DPS have been involved in Map making and data warehousing with Geographical Information System (GIS) from day one. Our first project is to acquire Satellite Maps in 1998.
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DPS has varieties of GPS trackers that will match your needs. Starting from Tracking System with basic functions to Vehicle Tracker with Camera which you can view videos in real-time
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We offer Point of Address data collection, shop database collection for distribution services, address data collection.
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