In March 2021, Tom Tom embarked on a transformative journey with DPS, a partnership that would redefine geospatial solutions in Myanmar. The mission was clear: to tackle the complex task of establishing permanent house numbers for over 100,000 apartment units as part of the Myanmar Administrative Boundary Project.

DPS, a renowned expert in the field, rose to the challenge with unparalleled dedication and expertise. Their commitment to excellence was evident as they meticulously crafted a comprehensive mapping solution that not only met but surpassed expectations. The result was a triumph of innovation and precision, a testament to DPS's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional result.

At the heart of this partnership was Tom Tom's unwavering dedication to creating mapping solutions that unlock new opportunities in a rapidly evolving world. Whether it's tracking a delivery, developing an app, managing a fleet, or simply ordering a ride, TomTom's cutting-edge technology is always at the forefront, reshaping the way we navigate and interact with our environment.

As part of the project, DPS constructed a state-of-the-art Geographical Information System (GIS) data warehouse for Yangon. This included detailed maps of streets, schools, clinics, government offices, waterways, rivers, and a comprehensive database of Business Points of Interest (POIs). DPS's expertise shone through in every aspect of the project, from digitizing and updating GIS databases to conducting GPS surveys and publishing maps. Additionally, they developed a highly efficient Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) using GPS and compatible maps, offering unparalleled fleet management solutions.

Through their collaboration, Tom Tom and DPS not only achieved their project goals but also set a new standard for geospatial solutions in Myanmar. Their work not only improved the efficiency of the administrative process but also opened up new possibilities for businesses and individuals alike. The impact of their efforts extended far beyond the boundaries of the project, shaping the future of geospatial technology in Myanmar and beyond.

In conclusion, the partnership between Tom Tom and DPS exemplifies the power of collaboration and innovation in driving meaningful change. Together, they have proven that with vision, dedication, and expertise, anything is possible. Their story is a testament to the endless possibilities that arise when two great forces come together to create something truly remarkable.

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